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The Perfect ending to a Silent…and Slow day

I woke up to a empty bed, and a empty house. I looked at the clock on the night stand and it read 8:30 am, I guess maybe Luna wanted to take Simon and Thomas out to breakfast before attending the Memorial..or maybe she wanted to get there early so that they can take as long as they need to ask as many questions as they want etc. I already knew where Lena went, it was one of her favorite places to go even though we had exercise equipment here she still went to the gym, and she also went there to hang out with friends. As for Christopher I had no idea where he was, I got dressed and brushed my teeth and went downstairs and started a pot of coffee and made myself some waffles for breakfast. I soon got a answer as to where Christopher was too, he left a note on the fridge saying he was going to be spending time with his parents for most of the day, something he really didn’t have time to do lately.

After I ate I suddenly realized I didn’t want to be the only one not doing anything around here while everyone else was out and about it just felt weird. I washed my dishes and decided maybe I should check my e-mails see if anything important came through from work that required instant reply and then head out to the hardware store and do what I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Get a new lock for the third story bedroom, and also pick up some paint for the unfinished bedroom I had built that Luna asked me to do, and then re-model Simon and Thomas’s bedroom’s and finally put together the outdoor play set I had bought Thomas when he turned 10 a few days ago. Doing all of this would keep my mind off of the one thing that has been bothering me the most, this would be the first time ever that I would not be going to Jaimee Lee’s Memorial since they put it up so many years ago. I knew that this was really important to Luna that it was just her and her son’s Simon and Thomas that went this time – because I knew it would be a very important part of their lives in the future – and that they really needed to know who their biological grandmother was..who they never got to meet.

Turning on the computer and checking my mail nothing really important was in my inbox and there was a million things in my spam box – you have to love that right. I did a short reply to my friend Stanley back in my home town of Bridgeport just telling me things have changed and to keep a look out for anything strange around here and to not go out at night since it seems unsafe now. I said thanks for the heads up, and I will keep my eyes out and my ears sharp for anymore information since he said it wasn’t just Bridgeport that this stuff was taking place in. I shut down the computer, and finished my last cup of coffee and washed my cup and the coffee pot and grabbed my keys and headed out. I realized it was going to be really busy if I went my regular way to the hardware store so I decided I’d take the long and pleasant and hopefully quiet backroads to the hardware store and enjoy the ride.

Thankfully it was quiet, and not busy and definetly enjoyable ride to the hardware store. I said hello to the cashier and chatted for awhile before heading to the back of the store to where the locks were that came with keys, and then headed toward the paint section and decided on a rich yet creamy white color for the unfinished room to match with the long and narrow white wood I had already put in. Once the purchase was made, we chatted some more and I told him to please forward my congratulations to his daughter who is expecting her first child with her soon to be husband and he said he sure will. There is bonuses with being a well known face in a town or city and there are things that aren’t bonuses, though I don’t even want to go there. Just a example though, when I first came to Sunset Valley when I was 19 I didn’t expect to suddenly become the richest person in town, or be compared to The Goth Family or anyone else – that is one of the things that irritated me.

To be honest, things just happened that way for me I wasn’t in competition for anything or even a title. I just worked hard for what I have now. My thoughts were interrupted by me pulling into the driveway I unlocked the front door on a mission, I put the paint cans in the unfinished room and headed directed up to the third story with tools in hand and changed the lock tossing the old one in the trash and putting the new key to the new lock into the safe in the master bedroom. My next mission was Thomas’s room, I decided I’d make it less blue then it was both the boy’s rooms were blue for when they were born and almost looked identical. Luna didn’t exactly want them that way still, and didn’t really have time to remodel herself with work and meetings, I was really proud of her all the same.

I decided to change the carpet color of Thomas’s room to a more darker but not to dark color and make the wall paper a little more antique’s looking. Technically Thomas’s room was a hand me down, it used to be Tiberius’s room before he just up and left once he turned 18 with out a word – leaving Luna as Heiress of the Elric name still. The windows I changed to colonial style and put a desk in his room so he doesn’t have to sit on the floor while he does his homework. I also gave Thomas a toy box so he has something else to do besides a computer, but I also hope he finds his play set outside just as appealing instead of always being indoors. An next it was up to Simon’s room, and something told me it may be a little bit more taskier then his younger brother Thomas’s.

Luna and I also decided to do this as a sort of suprise for the boys as well, so it is another reason why I am doing it now. I changed out Simon’s blue carpet for a darker red carpet, the tricky part was finding a decent wall paper to go with it, because wood just didn’t seem appropriate for some reason. I decided to get rid of the table he was using as a desk for his laptop and put in a actual desk with a small desk lamp. The single bed Simon had I took apart and replaced it with a double bed that was colonial style with matching end tables one had a alarm clock and one had a small antique lamp. The dresser he had got replaced with a cherry wood antique dresser to match the bed, I kept the mirror hanging over the dresser as for the wall paper I decided to go with one that had a wood gaurd so to speak with a lighter red color then his carpet.

With the secondary main task complete I decided to go to the unfinished room and put two small colonial windows in and then paint the room but leave it empty. I didn’t really know what Luna wanted to use it for, I put lights in that wouldn’t be to bright, or to dim – it gave off the perfect illumination to show the softness of the rich creamy white paint I had purchased. In no time at all it was time to head out back to assemble Thomas’s play set, eh I hit my thumb a few times with the hammer, and pinched my fingers a few times with the pliers, and poked myself with nails but I loved how the play set came out and I’m sure Thomas would too. I looked at the clock and saw that it was around 1 pm and decided I better make a group lunch because I sure some of the family would be home soon. What better meal to compliment such a good day ..sort of so far then Tofu Hot Dogs right.

Right as I was setting the Hot Dogs on the kitchen counter Luna and her boy’s walked in. They excused themselves so they can change into something more comfortable and came downstairs and joined me for lunch. Shortly after Luna came downstairs in something more comfortable to and joined me for lunch as well. Luna and the boys seemed really happy, I guess it went really well taking them to the Memorial for Jaimee Lee, it even looked like Luna had a weight lifted off of her shoulders. Simon and Thomas thanked both me and Luna for the remodel of their rooms as well and said they loved it a lot, I was happy to hear it and was glad to see a huge smile on Luna’s face.

My slow, silent day was looking up and I couldn’t of been happier. I finished my lunch and excused myself , washed my dish and headed to the master batheroom for a much needed shower. I heard Thomas laughing outside tossing the football with his brother Simon and saw Luna chilling out in a lounge chair near the pool. As I came out of the bathroom Lena came in, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said hello with a smile. She smiled back and then went and decided she was going to take a nice relaxing bath.

6 pm rolled around and Luna decided to make Autumn Salad for dinner just as Christopher came home. We all sat down to a pleasant dinner and chatted about our day, and how it was. I didn’t want to mention that I was down most of the day because I didn’t want to ruin the perfect mood that was all around the room. To be honest at the moment I was the happiest person on earth – the whole family was sitting around the dining table enjoying a meal and chatting and having a good time. I suddenly realized it was a Perfect Ending to a slow and silent day – the boys soon excused themselves from the table and cleared their plates and went to bed, Lena went to bed as well because she was tutoring a cooking class at the highschool tomorrow.

Christopher decided to go take a shower – giving me and Luna a chance to talk about how Simon and Thomas took to going to the Memorial and I was happy to know it went better then she expected. I got up and showed her the room she asked me to finish and she absolutely loved it, I explained to her that I left it a “empty shell” because I didn’t know what she wanted it as. She smiled and hugged me, and said thank you – soon after we both retired to bed we both had work in the morning and we were both in need of sleep.

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Thomas turns 10!

Time had flown by, it was Thomas’s birthday already. It seemed just yesterday we were celebrating Simon’s 18th birthday. It’s weird how a year can go by so fast, Thomas was excited for his birthday – he even tried to get out of going to school. We weren’t having any of that, we explained that Simon went to school on his birthday that Thomas can do the same thing. The problem with Thomas was – he didn’t like the kids in his class, they annoyed him and often made fun of him for no reason what so ever. Today was a total different experience for him at school though, and it wrenched at my heart terribly.

I was just putting the finishing touches on Thomas’s cake when I heard the front door slam, and Thomas throw his back pack to the floor and him running. I came out of the kitchen nearly running into Thomas who’s face was red and tear stained and I knew something was horribly wrong. I immediately got down to his eye level and asked what was wrong, he was really hard to understand so I told him to calm down, once he calmed down he told me a bunch of kids made fun of him today telling him he was the child of the biggest case of a missing person ever that Sunset Valley had ever seen, my breath caught in my throat and I knew where this was going. Not only did they throw that in his face and confuse him, they told him I hope you have a fun time at the Memorial this coming weekend with the rest of your snobbish family. I suddenly hated myself for not explaining to him earlier what they meant, or where dad and I and Lena went once a year every year when he was younger.

I hugged him and said it’s okay honey, calm down and let me get the candles on your cake. Thomas immediately brightened up, and I’m not sure if it was the mention of his birthday cake or the fact that his older brother Simon just came walking into the kitchen. “hey you ready to be 10 lil bro?” Simon asked, suddenly Thomas just went and hugged Simon and then said yep like nothing even happened before he walked in. I found it amazing at how well Thomas can hide his feelings when he’s upset, or down..I should really talk to my dad about that and then sit down with Christopher about it too. Once presents were opened Thomas blew out his candles and was suddenly a year older, he said he didn’t feel all that different except that he was glad he’d be in a different class then the rest of the kids in school.

It didn’t bother Thomas that he’d have to wear a uniform from here on out until he graduated high school. In fact he seemed really happy about it, and I noticed he had to have things clean around him and the house. It helped me and Christopher out along with the rest of the family. I took this time to go and talk to my dad in the entertainment room about what happened to Thomas at school and asked him what I should do. My dad suggested that this weekend I bring along Christopher and Thomas to the memorial of my mother, and that he and Lena would stay behind.

I asked him if he was sure, my dad never missed a memorial for as long as I’ve known since it started. He said yes he was sure, and that he understood and told me this is important for the boys to know about my mother…their biological grandmother. As the weekend grew closer I was growing more restless, I knocked on Simon’s door gently and asked if I could come in and talk to him. He said sure no problem what’s up, I asked him if he had any plans this weekend and he stated he didn’t I asked him to please not make any to make sure he had the weekend of this weekend and that it was very important. He got a serious look in his eyes and asked me what was wrong, I told him I’m going to take you and your younger brother see or sort of get to know your Biological Grandmother this weekend.

Simon got up and hugged me and said okay and thank you. I was surprised I’m not sure what the thank you was for but I said your welcome. I went to Thomas’s room next and knocked on the door and he answered he seemed a bit cheerier then earlier and I knew I might ruin the mood but I had to tell him. I asked if I can come in for a minute to talk and he said sure. I took a deep breath and sat down at his desk while he sat on his bed, I said this weekend I’m taking your older brother Simon and you with me to sort of get to know your Biological Grandmother.

He didn’t really understand, so I told him a little bit about what I meant – I said : “Thomas, you know how those kids were picking on you..and what they said. Well there was a big missing person’s case..and it was your Biological Grandmother”, I paused and took a deep breath waiting for his reaction he just said okay continue. I then said: ” My mom…your biological mother was never found and it became a cold case..meaning after so long they give up on it.” Thomas sighed and I frowned and apologized for making him sad, he said I didn’t make him sad I just helped him understand. After looking at the floor for a bit Thomas why do they hold this Memorial..if she was never found? I told him because a lot of people were upset when they gave up on looking for her, including your grandpa – people came up with the idea of a Memorial after her case became cold as a way to remember her.

Thomas’s next question I didn’t even know how to answer: ” well do you think she’s dead mom.., or do you think she’s still alive out there somewhere?” I bit my lower lip holding back tears and tried to answer, only to find I couldn’t answer the question…because I didn’t know. I stood up and said I don’t know honey..I really don’t know – they hold the memorial every year on the day they made your grandmother’s case cold..and hold it at the hospital where she was last seen. I was about to walk out of his room when he apologized and then asked if we need to wear formal attire, I told him I’d appreciate it if he did and walked out shutting the door quietly behind me..before I heard the all familiar click of a door locking. I didn’t understand what it was with my boys and locking their doors, I never really got a chance to figure it out because before I knew it I was sliding down the wall onto the floor and finally letting the tears I was trying so hard to keep from falling…- fall.

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Simon’s birthday! 18!

The last three weeks could not of moved slower for me. I felt like they were moving like molasses or at a snails pace and it was so annoying. I found myself seriously pissed off, if not furious to a blood boiling point angry that they would just up and leave with out a note. Did they not appreciate what my Grandfather had done for them at all, the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off, just made me so furious. I mean seriously my grandfather went out of his way to even build the third story just for them on the Elric Manor which I could only imagine costed a fortune..which I assumed didn’t really worry my grandfather at the time. 

I know they forgot about Raven and Mortimer but I doubted I would any time soon. I just felt like they used my Grandfather and that was that. I would of at least left a note or something to explain why they just up and left. Finally the last day of school came, hiding my emotions the best I could and the fact I wasn’t feeling so swell after being up all night and I had a splitting headache I came down the stairs and grabbed a serving of waffles off the counter that my mom had made, she made sure to remind me that it was my birthday today and to not make any plans after school because we were having a birthday party. I made sure to give her the best possible smile I could muster up despite how I was feeling..don’t get me wrong I’m excited about my’s just I felt like complete shit – and told her don’t worry mom I don’t plan on making any plans.

I grabbed my car keys off the coffee table in the sitting room, I don’t even remember putting them there last night and taking off to school. The day was of course uneventful, it was considered graduation day because finals were over and everything we were just sitting in the hot stuffy auditorium waiting for our names to be called to receive our diploma’s. I made it top of my classes which surprised me to say the lease, and passed all my exams, and was on honor roll constantly. I made my mom proud, soon my name was called and I walked up to the stage and got my diploma and my friends took a photo so they could send it to my mom since she couldn’t be there – they were setting up for my birthday party I was guessing. Finally all names were called, congratulations said, and hugs received and the bell finally rang I damn near ran out of the school grabbing my keys from my pocket and getting into my car going 10 miles over the speed limit just to get home. 

I could tell that Simon wasn’t in the best mood but kept it to myself when he woke up this morning. I could see though that he was excited about his birthday and ate his waffles and was out the door and headed off to school in his car. I knew the day would seem tedious to him especially with out me or his dad there when his name got called to receive his diploma but we wanted to make this party a special one. My little boy was finally becoming a young adult and just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes which I quickly wiped away. I guess you can say the last three weeks leading up this Friday really put the Elric family into a weird I don’t know I guess you can say mood, and maybe make us guess our sanity about if those people were real who lived with us or not.

My thoughts were put to a halt when I felt Christopher put his arms around me and ask what I was thinking about, as usual I felt myself blush like he always makes me do and just smiled and said nothing really. He kissed me on my cheek and started getting the ingredients ready for Simon’s favorite meal, Tofu Dogs. I didn’t realize how fast time was going until I heard my phone buzz and was receiving a photo of Simon holding his Diploma, I smiled and went over to Christopher and said look our little boy did it, he’s graduated High School.  I didn’t realize I was even crying until Christopher wiped tears away from me and finished up with the Tofu Dogs after kissing me and saying..we could always have another before walking out to the back deck to the grill. I didn’t really think about it before, I mean about having another baby after Thomas was born – after what happened last time I was scared to even try so Christopher and I were always really careful, my thoughts immediately rushed to Thomas who would be turning 10 in a year…what would he think..and would he want a brother or sister?

I starting thinking more and more and realized I still hadn’t picked the next Heir to the Elric name..but my thoughts were quickly shut down with the sound of Simon screeching into the driveway.  Shaking my head at Simon’s reckless driving, I went over to the study and greeted him at the door with a smile on my face and hugged him saying congratulations honey. He smiled and said thanks mom before heading up to his room to change out of his uniform he’d never have to wear again and putting on casual wear and waiting for his younger brother Thomas to get home.  Right on the dot Thomas’s bus stopped at our house and Thomas came flying off the bus with a huge smile on his face and came bolting through the front door and ran straight to his brother with a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON! making Simon laugh like he always did. Simon ruffled his hair and then hugged him saying thanks, and the festivities began – first came opening presents, though I new Simon had already replaced the phone he had thrown across his room in anger after trying to reach them to see if they could come his party only to hear the number is no longer in service and to have emails fail, I bought him a new phone anyway.

Christopher gave Simon a few things for his car, and a laptop to replace the old box of a computer he had in his room. We all gave Simon birthday cards and of course Simon’s grandfather gave the best gift of all as I called it when I was younger – Simon finally got the card to his bank account that his grandfather had set aside for him when he was born. Simon just gasped and hugged him as a thanks because he was speechless, he had no idea his grandfather did that for him. His grandfather(Alfred) explained to him that his father and mother had done the same for him, and that he in turn did the same for Me, and Tiberius and that when we reached 18 we were allowed to have access to it. I did the same for him too, but I wasn’t going to give it to him until he was 21, and as for Thomas he won’t receive his until he is 21 either, and their grandfather agreed he wouldn’t say a single word to either of them about my surprised to them from me that my father had taught me to do.

After the presents were opened Simon decided he wanted to blow out the candles on his cake and then eat some before dancing. An so we did, he blew out the candles and became a young adult that we all hoped he’d become. He didn’t want to be all suited up like the rest which made sense to me, Simon was always a unique one. Simon quit his job at the graveyard and started his dream job which we all supported and that was to be a Musician. I wasn’t sure where he got his beautiful music talent from, but again I wasn’t sure where I got music or art talent from dad(Alfred) rarely talked about it, I am guessing it was partially from my mom..and my dad.

My next fear was Simon wanting to leave the house just like Tiberius did. It quickly disappeared though when Simon came up to me after cleaning up and asked if he can stay at the Elric Manor for awhile. I gladly said yes, and told him he could stay as long as he wants, I knew his grandfather wouldn’t have a problem with it, nor his father.. or his younger brother. In fact his younger brother was super excited knowing that his older brother was sticking around for awhile.

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Ch. 1.10 Gone….

It was just like every other memorial Lena and I and my daughter Luna attended for Jaimee Lee that Sunset Valley had set up for the day she went missing near the hospital where she’d gone missing the day her case had finally gone cold. Like we do every year we set our three roses down and went quietly home with out a word. Sunset Valley had set up this memorial for Jaimee Lee for a way to cope I suppose, and also for hope telling us all that she really isn’t gone and the still out there some where. No one saw it as a Funeral Memorial, just one of remembrance of someone special especially for her mother who has long passed away now.  I went to Jaimee’s mom’s funeral..out of respect for Jaimee’ and my daughter Luna since that was grandmother.

When Lena and I and Luna got home something was off, very off. It was to quiet, we usually hear more then just the clock ticking, and the muffled sound of Christopher playing with my youngest and Luna’s youngest son Thomas in the backyard. We smelt one of our all time favorite meals from the kitchen and sat down to eat, but it was luke warm meaning it had been cooked awhile ago which also wasn’t normal. We ate it anyway and was soon joined by Simon and two of his friends and by Christopher who finally put Thomas to bed after giving him a bottle. Soon Simon’s friends left after thanking us for dinner, and Simon put the leftover away while Luna cleared the tabled while Lena and I went upstairs to the third floor.

When Lena and I hit the third floor it was unusually cold it actually sent a chill down both of our spines. I looked at her and then tried the bedroom door which was unlocked which is also unusual, we went inside and the room was just as cold as the sitting room we were just in. It looked like the room was never used, same with the bathroom…the dresser was empty of their clothing and the bathroom was also empty of their belongings. There weren’t even photos anywhere anymore, I didn’t understand and neither did Lena.  We figured maybe they went on a vacation…but why would they take their photos with them, none of it made sense at all – we decided to just leave it alone and not even worry about it.

I retired to the downstairs study to read a book my father had written in his younger years while Lena went and worked out on the balcony. I never noticed before how quiet the Manor was before until now, it was then that I noticed the picture I had painted of Raven was just now a blank canvas on the wall, like nothing was painted on it to begin with. The curtains that hung around the painting seemed as if they had aged 1,000 years…same with the nightstand that the candle was on that was barely even a candle anymore even though I replaced it yesterday. I disposed of the candle and the nightstand, barely touched the curtains before they just crumbled to dust in my hands and on the floor. Cleaning up the mess and suddenly feeling drained I went to bed, after three days of no contact we all tried contacting Raven and Mortimer but got told the number’s didn’t exist, and the emails failed to send.

It was like Mortimer and Raven Black never existed to begin with, like they were a figment of our imagination. I saw it as a dream that Mortimer and Raven Black had existed and suddenly I was yanked out of that dream and awoken.  I realized I really didn’t care, I no longer felt that “gravitational” pull toward Raven once they were gone which was weird. Soon enough everyone forgot about them, plus we had no time to worry about it after two weeks of no contact we didn’t care and I know that sounds kind of cold but we had other things.. like Simon’s birthday coming up now since all that happened in less then a week now.  An I can tell Simon was getting excited about his birthday coming up too, he was on honor roll – top of this class – pass all his exams – and was graduating at the end of the week just in time for his birthday on Friday, his last day of school.

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Biography of Mortimer Goth(Black)

We all know Mortimer Goth…now Mortimer Black. The Goth family is now the second richest family in Sunset Valley since The Elric family came in. Mortimer didn’t really say much about his past or growing up except the fact that he and Bella Goth(at one point) went to school together and dated from middle school up through out high school and when they turned 18 Mortimer proposed to Bella. They didn’t wait long to marry and then two years later.. Bella mysteriously disappeared only reappear later a totally different person and married to another person.  Eventually Mortimer got over it, and still decided to reside in the Goth manor even though it brought in a lot of memories that hurt or haunted him.

Then one day that changed…when he ran into Raven Black, right away he knew she was the one he was meant to be. Mortimer stated that their relationship bloomed quickly like black roses, but with out the thorns. We though it was ironic and depressing how he put it…though considering how his last name was Goth at the time we quickly moved on. It did not take long for Raven to pop the question and for Mortimer to accept, later on down the road they married and Alfred Elric let Mortimer move in to the Elric Manor so he can be with Raven.  Alfred even went out of his way to build a third story just for Raven and Mortimer, so they have some privacy to themselves.

Soon the Goth Manor was forgotten and fell apart into heaps, while Raven and Mortimer continued to be together for 7 years now. Suddenly though Raven came to Mortimer on the day of Jaimee Lee’s memorial of the day she disappeared where she went missing and the day her case went cold. Raven said she couldn’t get it out of her mind and that Jaimee Lee – the name just sounded way to familiar..then when she was looking for a pen and paper in the desk…she figured out why it was so familiar. Suddenly Raven’s identity crises came to a end when she found herself…staring at herself in a missing person’s poster. Raven Black..was Jaimee Lee, forgetting looking for a pad and pen she ran up to Mortimer and explained the situation and they suggested they leave the Elric Manor immediately.

Mortimer agreed, he’d follow Raven to the end of the earth if he had too. Raven showed him what she found and he understood right away the reason why they had to leave, they both agreed to not leave a single thing behind that would remind the Elric’s that they were ever even there to begin with.  Soon everything was packed in Mortimer and Raven’s suitcases, from their bathroom things, to their clothes and any pictures they had..they called a cab and immediately left the house didn’t even look back and in the Cab agreed they’d keep their names, but change their numbers, and emails..and move to Moonlight Falls..and stay unregistered and Unlisted.  Mortimer agreed whole heartedly and suddenly it all made sense as to why Raven got along so well with Luna, and Alfred, and Luna’s kids..and realized just how much Raven must have gone through and suddenly grabbed her and held her and said he was so sorry.  Raven just smiled and wiped a tear away, she knew this was the right thing to do even if it hurt a lot – they had to make the Elrics forget they ever even existed or were at the Elric Manor with them for the last 7 years.

Raven was proud of her daughter..though she missed so much of her life. She was proud Luna had found love, raised children and was the heiress. Mortimer was happy that Raven was happy, Raven knew the extent of Alfred’s effort to keep searching for people who vanished..that is why Mortimer and Raven agreed to stay unregistered and unlisted. Changed phone numbers and emails…and star a new life in Moonlight Falls.

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Ch. 1.9 Elric “Rewind” … SIMON

** I apologize…I skipped a Birthday gap..erm Birthday Chapter and that is on Simon…- Simon was born before Thomas..**
Alfred and Lena got really excited when Luna married Christopher Steele and he became part of the Elric family. Alfred grew even more excited when one day Luna came to him and Lena and announced that She and Christopher were expecting. Alfred was happy he was about to be grandfather for the first time ever and couldn’t wait for the little bundle of joy to make it’s appearance already – but Alfred knows…you can’t rush these things. Luna strapped down and started reading pregnancy books left and right…while Christopher started getting restless, antsy and excited about being a parent – something he never imagined he would be.

Luna continued working through out her pregnancy even though she did not need too. She didn’t have to work to begin with, but Alfred believes Luna got her mother Jaimee’s stubbornness. Now a day’s Jaimee’s name rarely even get’s mentioned and if it does the subject is quickly put to rest. They never did find her…and like the police said it turned into a cold case. What Luna finds interesting how quickly she connected with “raven” when she just showed up at the Elric Manor one day..but she put that to rest to, she had more important things to tend to.

Christopher remained unemployed, but made sure to talk to Alfred about it – who was perfectly okay with it. The Elrics had so much money that they didn’t even know what to do with it. Soon Christopher started reading the pregnancy books to just to see what he was getting into since he was about to be a father. He was getting more and more excited as the months passed too. Finally third trimester came…and everyone was walking on egg shells including Lena because Luna could go into labor at any moment…at any time – which was scary..yet exciting!

Finally the time came and Luna and Christopher rushed to the hospital. Hours later Luna gave birth to a baby boy they decided to name Simon. Luna stayed in the hospital over night to be safe and then Christopher came to the hospital to pick her and their bundle of joy Simon up and go home. Alfred and Lena decided to throw a Welcome Home! party for the newest member of the family. Luna and Christopher were loving parenthood and Alfred was enjoying being a grandfather, and Lena was enjoying playing with Simon as much as she could or holding him as much as she could.

Alfred, Lena and Luna and Christopher couldn’t believe how fast time had flown by. Simon was already 2 years old – it seemed like yesterday they were bringing him home and feeding him and changing diapers very often and comforting him. Alfred decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Simon which also surprised Luna and Christopher, it seemed like the whole town of Sunset Valley was there – and there for the party..not because of The Elric’s being the richest people in town, or having the nicest manor in town either – but were there just for the fun, celebration for once. It was a great feeling for both Alfred and Lena, Luna and Christopher too. When Alfred first arrived into Sunset Valley…it was hard for him to make friends..people wanted to be his friend mainly because of money – eventually though people stopped doing that and actually seriously wanted to be his was a long time coming another the world of making friends – true and honest friends for the Elric family.

Just like Luna and Tiberius when they were younger, Simon turned out to be genius level in everything. Luna and Christopher decided not to let them skip Simon up grades like they did Tiberius, they wanted Simon to experience everything just like Lena..wanted Luna to experience everything when she was younger. Simon took more to books and computers and chess then to trying to make friends, the friends he did make were the quiet ones or ones that liked to keep to themselves like Simon did. It never worried Luna or Christopher or even his grandfather Alfred or even Lena. By the time Simon was 13 he sold over 24 books and was known as the youngest best novelist ever – only thing he wanted for his birthday when he turned 12 was his very own computer..he was getting tired of using the main family computer in the sitting room all the time.

As a gift on his 12th birthday..Simon got what he wanted a computer. The most expensive computer at that – by this time though Simon had started locking his bedroom door, even before he got his computer. Luna, Christopher and Lena and Alfred figured nothing of it after all he is a teen now and of course no teenager wants their privacy invaded. Simon hasn’t gotten in trouble once in his life so far, so why worry now.

Time flew by and again before they knew it Simon was celebrating his 16th birthday. Christopher and Luna couldn’t believe it, Simon had grown up so quick over the years that it was like he was already and adult. Simon was growing more distant as the years came along though, and even more distant when Luna and Christopher announced they were expecting and that it was a unexpected pregnancy. Simon started to feel as if he’d be forgotten or ignored…considering he’d been a single sibling all this time – aside from Tiberius who moved out when he turned 18..Tiberius wasn’t even his sibling…just his mom’s brother. Simon still tried his best not to show it, and even put more effort into his job working part time at the graveyard.

Simon’s grandfather noticed how distant Simon had been becoming though since the announcement of Luna expecting and did end up pulling him aside and talking to him. Simon told him how he felt, one thing he that he could talk to his grandfather about almost anything…almost. Simon’s parents also sat down with him and told him not to worry about being ignored or anything, he’s going to be a older brother to either a little sister or brother and they’ll need his help. Even before all this announcement of being a big brother Simon was having troubles sleeping ever since he was about 14 and was distant even before he was 16 – and no one took a notice until now. Still as a present to himself to make himself feel better Simon bought himself a nice car so he can drive to and from school instead of taking a bus, and drive to work instead of car pool with weird co workers or ground keepers.

Finally his little brother Thomas was born,  Simon swore those were the longest hours of his life. He ever skipped out of school because of it – his mom went into labor at 2 am…and they weren’t able to see the baby until 5:30 pm. Though..Simon wasn’t even asleep at 2 to begin with, he had actually just gotten home he didn’t have work that day either. What Simon did was none of their business so when his dad looked at him when they were in the dining room pacing around and saw that he was dressed in kind of ticked Simon off – if his dad asked..he’ll come up with a excuse..or maybe the truth later. For now…it’s none of their business and he can buzz off.

Two years later Simon is 18 and Thomas is celebrating his 2 birthday! It was a rough path for awhile after his mom gave birth to Thomas. Simon had to admit though, he did enjoy being a big brother and taking care of Thomas. When Thomas’s birthday came around though..all Simon could do is stay for the candles getting blown out and that was it. For some reason Simon couldn’t stand being in the house anymore..instead he went to his secret little spot and opened up a bottle and began drinking while he read.  Sure..Simon was success in writing, and everything else – but what he was feeling inside and the storm the was constantly brewing…never failed to exist unless he numbed it away.

Work, and School, Writing, and playing chess, even reading..sometimes kept it okay..hacking worked too he never got caught yet..but Simon still wonder’s what he’s going to become in life. Sure..he still has friends, distant but they’re friends but he thinks they are his friends just because of the money. The only thing I have going for me right now is Money, a nice car, a few new books out, and this hide away and this bottle which is now half full – Simon thinks inside his head. Eventually Simon knows a big conversation is going to come up when Thomas get’s older…of who is going to be the next Heir or maybe Heiress..(if his mom can ever have kids again….Simon will never forget that conversation he over heard the day Thomas was born) of The Elric name and The Elric manor…when the time matter how old Simon is by the time the conversation happens. Until then…he’s stuck in the Manor …kind of like someone in jail..he can’t find himself to walk out of The Manor like Tiberius did – when Tiberius just left like that..that day…it really pissed off Simon..made Simon wonder..why and how..and what made Tiberius do that for?


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Ch. 1.8 Thomas Turns 2!

Luna and Christopher couldn’t believe how fast time had gone. Thomas was already 2 years old – Alfred couldn’t believe it either, it just seemed like yesterday he was up at 3 in the morning feeding Thomas. The first few months after Thomas was born were rocky for Luna, and a little challenging for Christopher who thankfully doesn’t have a job – even Simon helped. Thomas got thrown a big birthday party just like all the Elric’s did when their birthday’s arrived. Even people from the social circle came to the party…but Lena was guessing it was because Alfred was in the Socialite Career, and because she herself was at the top of her Modeling career.

The thought aside though Lena appreciated all who came just like she always did for all The Elric’s birthday party’s since she Married Alfred. “Raven” was a hit of course because she jammed on the guitar for the party like she did for the last 3 birthday parties on her own accord. Simon stayed around to watch the candles get blown out, and then vanished – lately he’s been doing that and to be honest Alfred, and I, and his father Christopher and I’m sure Luna..are not appreciating his behavior lately. We are glad he helps out with Thomas though, he does seem to adore his little brother..and looks like he loves being a older brother.

Thomas’s party was a hit though. Lena did what she loves to do best and that is to cook for large amounts of people – all types of dishes from vegetarian to meat lover meals. She even made all types of deserts even though there was still birthday cake left. The only person who could not make it to Thomas’s birthday party – was Tiberius. We have not heard from him for awhile, but Lena sent him a e-mail and text message telling him his older sister had another baby and didn’t get a response.

Hopefully Lena and the rest of the Elric’s will hear from Tiberius soon. They miss him a lot. After Thomas’s party everyone was exhausted, though Luna seemed more exhausted then anyone else and Christopher quickly helped her to bed since she was getting over a cold. We all keep telling Luna she is working to hard…but she just waves her hand and says nah…she just loves her job. Her working never stops her from spending time with Simon(when he is around…which doesn’t seem much anymore) and Thomas and the rest of the Elric Family..especially with “Raven”..and she still can’t figure out why.

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Ch. 1.7 – Tiberius’s growing up…


Tiberius proved to be a very bright child we soon found out. Before Tiberius was even 5 years old he was getting a hold of his older sister Luna’s homework and doing or attempting to do some of it, and amazingly getting some things right. By the time Tiberius was in kindergarten, they decided to jump him straight up to first grade – then third grade.


Tiberius had no problem making friends, or even getting his homework done. By the age of 10 Tiberius had already beaten well over ten people in chess and maxed the logic skill and was writing books that sold off the charts. Tiberius didn’t spend much time in elementary school before they jumped him up to middle school, he was already in 8th grade even before the regulated age for one to be in 8th grade.  Lena and I were surprised and always sat down with Tiberius and talked with him and made sure he was okay with all this jumping up of grades before the requirements. All he said was yeah…I’m find with it mom..and dad.


By the time Tiberius was 16 he had already basically completed high school – he was a senior. Putting his smarts to work Tiberius still continued to sell books, and even had a part time job even though we were well enough in money where he didn’t need to get a job, by this time Luna was at the top of her career and bringing a lot of money in. Swear none of our kids, or even my wife Lena listened when I said they didn’t need to work. I think Luna’ got her stubbornness from Jaimee…. – Tiberius with his own money got his own car..and of course a super snazzy one. We made sure to sit him down and talk to him about safe driving and told him the rules; speeding, tickets etc that car gets taken away until he’s at least 20 years old.


When Tiberius turned 18, he decided to move out. Lena and I were crushed because we never really got to sit down with him and Luna and ask them which one wanted to continue on with the Elric name. When Tiberius moved out – that put Luna back in the spot for still continuing on the Elric name with her children – Simon who is about to be 18 and Thomas who just turned 2.  Tiberius still stays in touch, but not often and we often worry about him especially Luna since she became so close to him ever since he was born.

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Biography of “Raven Black”

Screenshot-8 Meet “Raven Black”. To be honest she is a mystery…she woke up not knowing who she was, or where she was. She found a purse next to her with a wallet inside with a I.D Card with the name “Raven Black” on it, and has assumed that this is her name. The surroundings she woke up in were not the best or neatest surroundings either, but something told her deep down or far far in the back of her aching head to go to The Address 15 Summer Hill Court also known as The Elric Manor – located in Sunset Valley. Putting on clothes that she assumed were hers consisted of a Black Spaghetti Strap. Red Short Punk type Skirt. Knee high Socks, and black uniform type black flats. – “Raven” quickly assumed she must be a punk rocker or rock star or something of that type due to her outfit. 


“Raven Black” was not always…known as “Raven Black” – she did have a life before something happened to her. Right now as far as “Raven Black” knows…she didn’t/doesn’t have a past..or life before the one she woke up to. Truth be told, “Raven Black” indeed was/is someone else that a family has missed for many years now. “Raven Black” is even a mother of daughter who is now about to have her own child. . .

Somehow finding her way to where her aching head told her to go or needed to be, they let her in. “Raven” couldn’t believe how big the place was, or why she even needed to be at The Elric Manor where the richest people of Sunset Valley lived. The place felt like home in a way though, which to “Raven” made no sense at all. Ignoring all that, she decided to get a job regardless of her wild, rock star look the Sunset Valley hospital hired her.  More and more the place started feeling like home, as “Raven” progressed through the medical field and found herself jamming on the guitar when not working – she eventually married Mortimer Goth(Black) who decided to move into The Elric Manor as well. 

“Raven Black” still doesn’t know why The Elric manor is starting to feel more like home, or why, what brought her here. “Raven” also doesn’t know why she feels so close to the owner of the manor…who has a daughter. Only time will tell ….-

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Ch. 1.6 Birthday!

Today Tiberius turns 2 years old! Lena and I can’t believe it, and Luna is excited because now she’ll be able to play with Tiberius instead of just sleep next to his crib at night sometimes..okay most of the time. Luna loves her little brother, and has been a great big sister – Lena is very greatful for that and so am I. Lena and I thought that Luna wouldn’t like having a younger sibling, but she proved us wrong big time and everyone is happy. Lena has recently reached level 10 in her hacking skills just before Tiberius’s birthday which made her all the happier and me interested in researching what’s so great about hacking. I won’t try it though, I know it will upset my parents even though they are long gone – I think about them everyday, and I know they are looking down on Luna, Lena and I.

Soon Luna will be 16 as well, and it just seems like I brought her home yesterday. Luna misses Jaimee a lot still, I hear her crying at night sometimes when she isn’t sleeping in Tiberius’s room. Nothing has been found on Jaimee yet either, starting to wonder if she’ll ever be found. They said they’ll keep looking though – but said soon it may become just a cold missing case. I didn’t tell Luna that part though, I’m not sure if I should tell Luna that – I don’t want to hurt Luna more then she already is in regards to Jaimee.