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Biography of “Raven Black”

Screenshot-8 Meet “Raven Black”. To be honest she is a mystery…she woke up not knowing who she was, or where she was. She found a purse next to her with a wallet inside with a I.D Card with the name “Raven Black” on it, and has assumed that this is her name. The surroundings she woke up in were not the best or neatest surroundings either, but something told her deep down or far far in the back of her aching head to go to The Address 15 Summer Hill Court also known as The Elric Manor – located in Sunset Valley. Putting on clothes that she assumed were hers consisted of a Black Spaghetti Strap. Red Short Punk type Skirt. Knee high Socks, and black uniform type black flats. – “Raven” quickly assumed she must be a punk rocker or rock star or something of that type due to her outfit. 


“Raven Black” was not always…known as “Raven Black” – she did have a life before something happened to her. Right now as far as “Raven Black” knows…she didn’t/doesn’t have a past..or life before the one she woke up to. Truth be told, “Raven Black” indeed was/is someone else that a family has missed for many years now. “Raven Black” is even a mother of daughter who is now about to have her own child. . .

Somehow finding her way to where her aching head told her to go or needed to be, they let her in. “Raven” couldn’t believe how big the place was, or why she even needed to be at The Elric Manor where the richest people of Sunset Valley lived. The place felt like home in a way though, which to “Raven” made no sense at all. Ignoring all that, she decided to get a job regardless of her wild, rock star look the Sunset Valley hospital hired her.  More and more the place started feeling like home, as “Raven” progressed through the medical field and found herself jamming on the guitar when not working – she eventually married Mortimer Goth(Black) who decided to move into The Elric Manor as well. 

“Raven Black” still doesn’t know why The Elric manor is starting to feel more like home, or why, what brought her here. “Raven” also doesn’t know why she feels so close to the owner of the manor…who has a daughter. Only time will tell ….-

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Ch. 1.6 Birthday!

Today Tiberius turns 2 years old! Lena and I can’t believe it, and Luna is excited because now she’ll be able to play with Tiberius instead of just sleep next to his crib at night sometimes..okay most of the time. Luna loves her little brother, and has been a great big sister – Lena is very greatful for that and so am I. Lena and I thought that Luna wouldn’t like having a younger sibling, but she proved us wrong big time and everyone is happy. Lena has recently reached level 10 in her hacking skills just before Tiberius’s birthday which made her all the happier and me interested in researching what’s so great about hacking. I won’t try it though, I know it will upset my parents even though they are long gone – I think about them everyday, and I know they are looking down on Luna, Lena and I.

Soon Luna will be 16 as well, and it just seems like I brought her home yesterday. Luna misses Jaimee a lot still, I hear her crying at night sometimes when she isn’t sleeping in Tiberius’s room. Nothing has been found on Jaimee yet either, starting to wonder if she’ll ever be found. They said they’ll keep looking though – but said soon it may become just a cold missing case. I didn’t tell Luna that part though, I’m not sure if I should tell Luna that – I don’t want to hurt Luna more then she already is in regards to Jaimee.

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Ch. 1.5 Tragedy, A new family member


Tragedy struck two months after Luna turned 10 years old. My father Julian passed away, he never mentioned he was sick or anything to me. I was told it was of natural causes, mainly of old age – my father was very far along in age. Bridgeport lost another cherished member of their community, and I sadly could not attend my father’s funeral – I got e-mails though stating condolences, and telling me that most of Bridgeport attended the funeral just like they did my mother’s funeral. Luna was very sad and Lena though she didn’t get to meet my father except for once through skype was very sad. I got a phone call from a lawyer stating that in my father’s will he left me the penthouse, and a lot of money and some family heirlooms, and that I had a choice to sell the penthouse or keep it as a vacation home or a renter’s home.

I couldn’t bear to keep the penthouse as a vacation home or for renter’s, something told me that is not what my mother or father wanted. I sold the penthouse for more then I thought it would sell for, I put it on the market for 2 million, instead someone bought it for 5 million I said that was to much but they insisted and I asked the lawyer if there was anything wrong with the sale or anything. I made sure he looked through all the paper work before I signed the paper’s over to the new owner, the lawyer said everything was legit and there were no loop holes. As far as I was concerned Lena didn’t have to work at this point, she didn’t even have to work before the tragedy of my father’s death happened but Lena insisted on working that’s just how she was. Now I had more money then I knew what to do with, but it gave me the idea to put money aside for Luna, and her soon to be new sibling which we chose not to know the gender of. Putting money aside for Luna was what Jaimee and I had wanted to do in the first place…we just didn’t seem to get to it yet, now it was as if it was meant to be, as if time was waiting for the perfect moment or time for me to do it.

Three weeks later, I went to the bank and made a account for Luna. Luna of course wouldn’t really know about it just yet, and I’d start putting money aside for her in it and make sure to do what my parents did for me, keep it safe in a few ways. Including if anything ever happened to me a lawyer(the family lawyer) would take over Luna’s account in keeping it safe and continue doing what I was doing and wait until Luna was a certain age and then give her the letter and card and things like that. I’m not saying anything will happen to me, but I always take precautions…especially now with what happened to Jaimee, and my father so sudden but he lived a long life. An as soon as Lena and I’s little one is born, I’ll make a account for he or she and keep it safe just like I’m doing with Luna’s.


Two months later Lena went into labor in our backyard. She had just taken out the trash, and Luna had just gotten home and finshed her homework. Lena decided on a in home labor which made sense to me I guess, I’m not in a womens head so I went along with it. I was excited and so was Luna on the new arrival of the baby, since we didn’t know the gender yet to keep Luna busy and not to excited for Lena to handle her and I started playing a game of names for the baby while the nurse took Lena upstairs to the master bath to help her give birth in tub which had warm not to warm but warm water not to high in it. The doctor arrived shortly and I directed her upstairs to the master bath, and quickly went back downstairs to keep Luna busy with our name game – not to mention there isn’t much room in the master bath when there is a nurse, a doctor, a few instruments medically and my lovely wife Lena who had a very large belly full of life in the bathroom.

I thought it’d be best to let them do their thing, keep the stress level down since I was highly exicted myself, and to keep Luna busy. Luna came up with four baby girl names, while I came up with six baby boy names – soon that game was getting tiring and Luna and I were pacing the dining room floor while we could hear Lena upstairs with the nurses and doctors. Luna’s name’s for the baby were: Emma, Clary, Joycelyn, and Dianna – My names for the baby were: Arthur, Tavvy, Jace, Magnus, Alec, and Tiberius. Then Luna and I each closed our eyes, and circled a name on the list we made on the paper and decided the name she circled we’d call the baby if it was a girl, and the name I circled would be what we’d call the baby if it was a boy. Luna ended up circling Emma, and I ended up Circling Tiberius, then Luna and I looked at eachother and smiled and high fived..then she asked what if it’s twins? Well now there is something we both, and Lena didn’t think about.

So Luna and I went back to the “Drawing board” she called it and we did rock paper scissors on four more names just in case it was twins.. two girl names, two boy names since if it was and it was twin girls, or twin boys. Since Luna only had 3 names left she had to think of for a bit and ended up doing the “enie minie miney moe” trick and chose Dianna, and Joycelyn for the girls. I chose Magnus, and Alex for the boys, the game kept Luna entertained for only so long though she was getting just as restless as I was by now. 9 hours later and the nurse came downstairs saying we can come upstairs now, but quietly because Lena was very exhausted from labor. We both looked at eachother with huge smiles and had to refrain ourselves from running up the stairs two at a time to see if it was twins, or just a single little baby.

We tip-toed into the master bedroom, the nurse had helped Lena into pajama’s by now it seemed and there in the bed Lena held a little baby boy. The doctor though a little late said congratulations it’s a boy!, we just smiled and walked up to the side of the bed and looked down at the little bundle of blue blankets and Luna and I both said Tiberius at the same time and laughed. Lena looked up at us with sparkling eyes and said she loved the name we chose and smiled and cooed and said welcome to the world baby Tiberius. Two hours later Lena was asleep, and the doctor and nurse left us some instructions for Lena for now – though the pregnancy and birth went smoothly, they want Lena on bedrest for a few days and not to do much lifting, or bending and careful when stretching. I looked at the doctor and nurse worriedly and they looked back saying everything was fine, just some extra precaution since Tiberius came out feet first instead of head first it put a little more strain on Lena during the labor.

I understood, and wasn’t so worried anymore, they suggested that Luna sit down when she holds Tiberius though and I said okay. It made sense to me to have Luna sit down if she wanted to hold him, she was only 10 after all I’m not sure if she’d stand holding her little baby brother anyway. The first night with Tiberius, Luna slept in his room on the floor waking up if he made the smallest of noises, I knew right away she was going to be a great big sister. Two weeks after Tiberius was born I opened a bank account for him and started putting money aside for him, and Luna as soon as she was done with her homework would go and check on Tiberius or ask if she can feed him, hold him, she’d even read to him before she herself went to bed. She’d still sometimes sleep in his room, at one point I thought about buying a bed and putting it in his room for her, she said no I didn’t need to do that with a smile on her face.

Lena is doing well, she is back at work even though I told her she could quit her job. She said she will do nothing of the sort. I stopped trying to tell her she can quit if she wants and let it go, as soon as she’d get home from work she’d go straight to Tiberius’s room and hold him, feed him, snuggle and kiss him and carry him around. Sometimes She and I would let Tiberius sleep in our bed but that’d end up with some sleepless nights and Luna come running in our room asking if everything was okay. It didn’t take long to get a schedule going with a new baby in the house, family time was the most important time in the house of course, we’d even include Tiberius even though he’s just a little baby. We’d all sit down in study and ask one another about our day’s, and thing and each take turns holding little Tiberius. Our family is a happy family.

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Ch. 1.4 Re-Marriage

After two year’s of searching for Jaimee I couldn’t find her, neither could the cops, her parents or her friends. At this point Luna was depressed for a 5 year old and it worried me, I tried to hide my depression and sadness from Luna..but I guess I wasn’t doing a good job of it – because I think that’s how she was getting upset. I didn’t want to give up on searching for Jaimee but I knew I had to focus on Luna now and myself to get through this, the police in both Riverview and Sunset Valley said they’d still do all they could to find Jaimee and would update me as soon as they found anything. I hoped to god that they’d find something soon, but I also knew it was time to move on somehow as much as it hurt me to think that way.

Five months went by from my searching for Jaimee and the police said they’d take over it. I soon found someone I was on the same page with on a few things. She to had lost her family, and a husband of 7 years but that wasn’t all that we had in common. We had a lot more, and I know it was wrong for me to quickly jump into a relationship only after two years, and I probably also shouldn’t of re-married so quickly either though at the same time it felt right and I’m not sure why. She got a long with Luna really well, and Luna took to her immediately – but I think it was because she’d lost her mother at such a young age. When Luna was 6 year’s old I married again, and at this point Luna seemed to understand that people were still out there looking for her mother, but that I had to move on even though deep down somewhere in me that Jaimee was still there.

Luna would be found reading a book or playing with her little musical toy she was smarter then she was at 2 and had no problem with her homework for kindergarden or even when she was in pre school. We did daily visit’s to the specialist when she was younger after her first visit at 2 years old and it never failed to amaze the specialist about Luna’s mind and it also amazed my dad which we skyped with him daily. He was sorry to hear about Jaimee’s disappearence too, and sadened by it just as much as Luna and I. He even asked around Bridgeport and asked the police to look for her there too. I had hope that maybe she’d gone there or would show up there…but no such luck – I still call her cell phone…only to hear it go to voicemail..but mainly just to hear her voice.

Lena and Luna get along great, I was scared that Luna would be mad at her new step mother especially after all that has happened. When Lena and I talked about it though, we guessed that Luna took to her immediately because the loss of her mother Jaimee. Lena also understands why I sometimes call Jaimee’s cell phone – a mere hope that maybe one day it won’t go to voicemail, but I don’t think that will ever happen. Lena also said she’d call a friend out in Aurora Skies to see if Jaimee was seen out there and also called the police out there to start looking for her. So far no one and not even the police out there have seen Jaimee. Lena understands the reason I’m not giving up is for Luna’s sake right now and Lena also decided to continue looking for Jaimee as well, because she knows what it feels like to loose someone.

I let Lena know first off that I no longer have feeling’s for Jaimee except a friendly way now and not to worry – I don’t know if that will ever make sense to me, or to Luna when I told her that one day. Right now…all that matters is I still have Luna, and now I have Lena who has made things a lot better. Some think it was too soon for me to get into a relationship and to marry, even I think so somtimes. Right now though, I look back on it and I also think it was the right thing to do, because I wouldn’t know where I or Luna would be if I didn’t meet Lena when I did.

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Ch. 1.3 Missing! **NOTE THIS IS JUST FOR THE SIMS 3 and NOT a real missing persons report**

16681794_1945731868988464_4914576395355315475_n When Luna turned 3 years old tragedy struck in a way. Jaimee never came home after her shift from work, I didn’t get a phone call. I called the hospital and asked if Jaimee got called back in for an emergency and they said no, I got really worried. I tried calling Jaimee’s cell phone and it went straight to voicemail and I started panicking because it never went straight to voicemail she always picked up my phone calls. I called all of Jaimee’s friends and they said they haven’t seen her either – Jaimee was suppose to meet her friend colleen after work for a cup of coffee so they can catch up and Jaimee never showed up. I remembered Jaimee saying she wanted to go visit her parents in Riverview so I figured I’d call her parent’s tomorrow and try Jaimee’s cell phone tomorrow too and tried to calm myself down. 

If Jaimee didn’t show up tonight, or be at her parent’s house tomorrow then I’ll make a police report right away. I didn’t want to upset Luna, but she was asking where mommy was and I told her I didn’t know and that I’m trying to figure that out myself. 9 p.m. came and still no Jaimee and Luna was getting cranky – that told me it was her bedtime, I put Luna to bed and sat in the study, I must’ve fallen asleep because I woke up to Luna crying upstairs. I looked at the clock and it read 5 a.m. I hurried upstairs to comfort Luna and decided to take Luna with me to my bed and let her sleep there with me.  I was hoping that Jaimee had come home and went upstairs to bed, but when I arrived into the master room Jaimee’s side of the bed was empty – my heart sank and Luna started crying all over again..I knew right away Luna was missing Jaimee and wanted her but I didn’t know what to do. 

I laid Luna down and before I laid down I tried Jaimee’s cell again – and again it went straight to voicemail. My heart sank and right away I got the feeling that something definetely isn’t right. I looked at the time and it was 5:30 a.m too early to call her parent’s – I tried the hospital again and asked if Jaimee came in, they said no even though they had paged her many times due to emergencies happening all night. I gave Luna her favorite stuffed animal and then laid down myself and held Luna until she fell asleep, and I made sure my cell phone was on the charger and on level 3 for sound and set an alarm for 8 a.m which is the time Luna is used to getting up at. It seemed all to soon that 8 a.m came and Luna was already up sitting on the bed holding her teddy bear with tears silently falling down her cute little face, it hurt me to see her so sad – my sleep wasn’t that great with images of what could of happened to Jaimee or the possibilities, I grabbed Luna and held her while she and I cried silently for a bit. 

I picked Luna up after awhile and took her downstairs to her highchair and fed her. While she ate I called Jaimee’s phone again – just for it to go to voicemail. I called the hospital, just for them to tell me no she hasn’t come in. I called Colleen, and some of Jaimee’s other friends – they didn’t see her yet either. I took a deep breath and made the last phone call, her parents in Riverview. I got the answer I was dreading, and hoping not to hear – Jaimee’s parents haven’t heard from her, or seen her. They didn’t even know she was planning on going down there – I guess it was suppose to be a surprise – I felt bad for screwing up the surprise,  but Jaimee missing was more important then the surprise visit she was suppose to give her parents. 

Immediately Jaimee’s parents asked me questions as to when I last saw her, I told them and they said they’d contact the police department in Riverview right away. I told them thanks, and hung up the phone and I called the Sunset Valley Police Department and told them about Jaimee’s disappearance. They asked when I last saw her – I told them and they asked what she was wearing I told her – they asked what color her hair was and eyes everything. I figured they’d know since some of them saw Jaimee grow up here in Sunset Valley before her parents decided to move to Riverview..but looks change over time. I put that behind me and kept answering their questions – they asked me if I had a recent photo of her and I thought and said yes but it was of her in second trimester with Luna they said that is fine as long as it fits some of the if not all of the description, except for the clothing of course of Jaimee herself.

I told them thank you many times and told them I’d be down there as soon as I can to deliver the photo. At that I heard Luna wail from the other room and told them I had to go, but I’d be down there as soon as possible. I quickly attended to Luna who’d spilt her milk from her cup all over herself and dropped her spoon from her cereal onto the floor. I cleaned her up, and got her a clean spoon and a fresh cup of milk and helped her eat since she didn’t seem to interesting in eating. Jaimee disappearing is effecting Luna really bad and I realized I really need to do something about it, aside from just making a report to the police.. I’m going to go out there and try and find Jaimee myself with Luna by my side. I can’t picture leaving Luna alone with a babysitter while I leave to look for her mom, I could only imagine how it would effect her already upset state. Luna lost one parent so far…she doesn’t need to think she lost another. 

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Ch. 1.2 Luna turns 2!

Screenshot-24 Time seemed to fly by, because before we knew it Luna was already 2 years old. Jaimee and I threw Luna a birthday party for her special day and it was outstanding. People brought gifts for Luna which surprised us, and we thanked them – Luna had a blast. She made a mess of her cake of course, but we kind of expected it – it was so cute a few people took photos of it and said they’d send them to use when they were developed. My dad skyped us on the day of Luna’s birthday so it was like he was there, he was able to watch the birthday party and see our neighbors and our house after the party. He also got to see Luna for the second time in his life and said she was a exact replica of her daddy which made me and Jaimee laugh.

Soon while Jaimee was at work I’d be teaching Luna to either talk, or walk. Potty training seemed kind of hard, but she learned that quicker then she learned walking which I thought was interesting. Jaimee was able to teach luna to talk during one of her day’s off though later that night she was called into work on emergency. It seemed like Jaimee was always getting called into work, but hey that is what happens in the medical field and when Jaimee was home she’d try hard to give a lot of attention to Luna and I – especially to Luna. I teached Luna to walk in no time at all it seemed finally after she was potty trained and in no time at all she was talking in full sentences and trying to hold conversations with me which was absolutely amazing. 

I quickly brought Luna into a specialist about this because this is the first time I’ve ever known a two year old to try and hold conversations with people and I. I even asked my dad if I was trying to hold conversations with him when I was 2 and he said no, I was just doing gibberish which made him and my mom giggle and laugh – which in turn would make me giggle. The specialist was even amazed at this – she had never seen anything like it either and quickly did some simple test like putting shapes in front of Luna – who easily named off the shapes and I hadn’t even showed her shapes yet. The specialist said Luna is truely a gifted child and that Jaimee and I are lucky parent’s. As time went on, I was amazed by Luna’s abilities and what she was doing – Jaimee was amazed too and couldn’t believe it either. 

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Ch. 1.1 Luna’s Birth

It took Jaimee and I by surprise that we were going to be parent’s at first. Then the excitement took over, and we couldn’t wait for the baby’s arrival. We started baby proofing the Elric “Manor” as soon as we found out and making sure there weren’t any sharp objects, or corner’s and that the outlets were covered so that the baby wouldn’t accidentally stick a toy or anything in them and get injured when it got a little older. Jaimee and I talked and were starting to think of baby names already if it was a boy or a girl, and then I started to wonder if I should put money aside in a account for the baby like what my parents did for me. I called my dad Julian up and told him he was going to be a grandparent and I could practically feel his excitement through the phone, and he apologized saying he was sorry he couldn’t make it over to see or witness Jaimee and I’s private wedding.

I told my dad don’t worry about it, and that it was okay. I know how hard it is and how long of a drive it is from Bridgeport to Sunset Valley. As the months went by Jaimee’s tummy grew, and well her moods got a little worse, which was to be expected. We went to the doctor appointment’s daily as instructed, and so far everything was looking healthy for our little one. The month came along where they could see the gender of our little one, they asked if we’d like to know what it was – Jaimee and I decided we wanted it to be a surprise. 

Our excitement grew with Jaimee’s tummy and being able to feel the baby move and kick(sometimes) in her tummy made it all the better. I’d call my dad and update him daily on everything, his excitement grew with ours – 7 months came finally and so did more of Jaimee’s crazy cravings which I though was super funny, but after all they tasted pretty good. We soon grew anxious as 8 months came and went but our excitement still grew, 9 months came and we were practically pacing the house and anytime she got up suddenly I’d think she’d gone in to labor all the sudden, she’d say “calm down honey I’m just walking around”. Then one day it happened, I was painting in the study – she’d just got home from a stroll around the neighborhood it was a nice day and she was feeling stir crazy.

Jaimee went into labor right after she walked into the front door, her scream scared the heck out of me. The next words out of her mouth were “Honey it’s time!!!”. We rushed to the hospital and 7 hours later a baby girl arrived – we decided to call her Luna, which was none of the names we’d chosen for the baby names. We decided on the name, because by the time she was born it was night time, or just becoming night time. She was the most beautiful little thing I’ve ever seen, aside from her mother of course. 

I called my dad up right away and told him the good news, that it was a little girl and we decided to call her Luna. He thought it was the most beautiful name in the world, and I told him I’d send him a photo of her later when everything was calm. He was excited, and couldn’t wait to see her and was sorry he couldn’t be there for the big event. Again I told him it is okay, I know by now that my father is well along in age…and that he is still C.E.O of the big cooperation – so him being able to come out to Sunset Valley in a instant is going to be hard. 

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Biography of Jaimee Lee

16681794_1945731868988464_4914576395355315475_nMeet Jaimee Lee. Jaimee is your average person, who was raised in Sunset Valley by her mother Veronica Lee. Jaimee’s life was simple and easy growing up, but it was hard on her mom Veronica since she was a single mother. It is hard to explain about Jaimee’s father, but he wasn’t in Jaimee’s life at all for her growing up, making it hard on Veronica raising Jaimee. Luckily for Veronica, Jaimee was the perfect child who loved staying out of trouble and liked to keep to herself.

 Growing up Jaimee was a straight A student and when she hit 15 she got herself a part time job at the spa as a receptionist.  When she hit 18, she moved out of her moms little country home and into a loft house with a few other room mates and got herself a job at the hospital. Ever since she was young Jaimee always wanted to do good, and help other people. So she was happy when they gave her the job at the hospital…though medical school did take a lot out of her, Jaimee still graduated with A’s and a degree. Now she’s always on call for the hospital and very happy about it.

When she moved out of her mom Veronica’s house though – her mom said she’s always welcomed back if she every needed anything, or if anything happened and she needed a place to stay. Life for Veronica is also looking up, she has a job in the office, and isn’t as stressed out as she used to. Veronica and Jaimee still haven’t heard from Jaimee’s father – and they both think it’s for the best. 

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Biography of Alfred Elric

cropped-16938842_1945279785700339_2355811156597786741_n Meet Alfred Elric. He was born and raised in the big city of Bridgeport in a huge penthouse by his parents Miranda, and Julian Elric. Miranda and Julian were the go to parents, and a important part of the city and society of Bridgeport. Alfred was born into what we call now a day’s a rich family and already had money put away for him when he got older. By the time Alfred was 10 he had everything a kid wanted, and more – technically he was spoiled rotten, but well behaved. 

Tragedy struck when Alfred became 14 though his mom Miranda got diagnosed with cancer. The doctors gave her 4 years to live at least, and with that news The Elric’s had hope that during those years they’d find a way to help Miranda. Researchers – some privately hired by the Elric family, and some of the most top notched ones already in the medical society started getting to work on ways to help. Sadly it seemed like anything they came up with, and sent to Miranda’s doctors wouldn’t help Miranda at all. Tragedy struck again when Alfred was 16, his mother passed away and Bridgeport lost a great member of society. 

The doctors, and everyone didn’t expect Miranda to pass away so soon. Sadness seemed to fall over all of Bridgeport for months, and it seemed like all of Bridgeport was at Miranda’s funeral and businesses even closed on her funeral. It hit Alfred hard, but hit Julian harder – which then made Julien continuously pressure Alfred to try and walk in his footsteps when he grew up and take over Julian’s seat in being the CEO of the Bridgeport business cooperation. It did start to get on Alfred’s nerves, but didn’t break the good relationship between Julian and his dad. Alfred had other plans – he loved playing guitar, and well Alfred already has great Charisma – which is one reason why Julian wanted him to take his place in CEO..but Alfred wanted to become a rock star of sorts.

One thing Miranda taught Alfred beside’s manners, and being polite – is to follow his dreams and to never give up. Alfred kept those words running through his mind for the rest of his life. Alfred decided to talk to Julian about it, but Julian didn’t quite like the idea, but also didn’t quite tell him no or get into a argument with him. One thing about Alfred’s parents..they never fought with one another, or with Alfred. It was a happy family, it was the go to family that everyone loved and wanted to be a part of. When Alfred hit 18, he decided to move out of the Penthouse…something Julian did look down on, but understood at the same time that everyone needs to spread their wings and told Alfred that he’ll be there if Alfred ever needed anything. 

With the money they’d already put aside for Alfred, and money they’d been aside still for Alfred you can say when he moved out he was walking money bags. Alfred decided to move to Sunset Valley and start out small built a small one bedroom house and gradually decided to demolish it and build a bigger house. He knows this…living in Sunset a lot different then living in Bridgeport.